Apply Here for a Deportation Exemption


HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND company  and all derivatives, appellations and the like as well as all agents, agencies, police, police commissioner, constables, justice of the peace, regal and vice regal and all under-secretaries or civilians and any person commissioned by the same are hereby instructed to voluntarily apply for a deportation exemption for self and immediate family

All successful applications can remain on our lands however will never have ployment in the public service or receive benefits from the Crown of the Mauri Nation in perpetuity.


You will need to complete the statutory declaration with the following details;

  1. Position in the Public Service
  2. Name of Government Department
  3. Salary that you are earning
  4. Tenure in Position
  5. State your reason for not being deported
  6. List the number of immediate family members that you will be applying for
  7. Will be loyal to the Crown of the Mauri Nation
  8. Will you be loyal to He-Whakaputanga-o-te-rangatiratanga-o-nu-tireni/~1835 (living constitution)
  9. Will you swear an oath to the Crown of the Mauri Nation

You and your family have until the 1st February 2021 to make individual applications.

We will consider your application on a case by case basis.

Your application must be in the form of an ASSERVERATION OF FACT, autographed by a Suv'eran Witness Notary of the Office of the Mauri Nation from one of our many suv'eran charters.​ If your application is not completed correctly it will be rejected immediately.

Send an email to  to request details of the nearest Suv'eran Witness Notary.

Statutory Declaration Template

Once you have completed the Statutory Demand and made the payment, you can send your documents to


The statutory declaration application fee is AUD $1299 for each person.

It must be witnessed, autographed and thumbprinted with wet ink in front of a Suv'eran Witness Notary of the Office of the Mauri Nation

Be advised that the Suv'eran Witness Notary of the Office of the Mauri Nation may also charge a fee of up to $250 per declaration for their personal time to witness each of the declaration/s.

Documents that must be included with your statutory declaration:

  • Photo of Passport and Driver's License
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Payslip's for the past two months
  • Ployment contract from the employer
  • A medical certificate if you have a disease as for reason for deportation exemption
  • Reference from two friends, not of your immediate family
  • Letter from a guarantor that has known you for over 10 years who can support your statutory declaration


Unsuccessful applications will have till the ~1-~February-~2021 to leave Aotearoha[New Zealand] or be charged in Pa Kooti with crimes against humanity; causing damages to the Crown of the Mauri Nation; for an intentional act of treason against the Mauri-Crown using the House-of-Lords-1837/1838-directives, King & Queens Letters-Patent/[In]structions, [A]cts, Statutes, [Re]gulations and the birth certificate; for Genocide; Theft of lands; damages to the Crown-of-the-Mauri-Nation/mana-tangata; failure to uphold God's/IO-Divine-Natural-Lores.

The Crown Marshalls will commence proceedings with a warrant for your arrest if you have not left the country by the specified date.

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